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On 16 December the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) - which serves seven London boroughs – is expected to agree a contract for a new, 30% larger waste incinerator in Edmonton to replace the current plant, which burns the rubbish we do not recycle. Working at full capacity the new incinerator would emit around 700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases and particulates every year (that’s equivalent to Islington’s total annual emissions) – just to burn our waste. The new incinerator would be in operation until at least 2060, but shockingly there are no plans for carbon capture in its design. 

The NLWA flatly refuses to consider recent evidence showing how damaging the incinerator will be to the health of those living near it and to the environment.

Recycling in Islington and the other boroughs stands only at around 30 per cent, though 60% of our rubbish is theoretically recyclable. Campaigners think that some of the £683 million planned for the new incinerator might be better invested in increasing recycling instead. 

The NLWA and the boroughs it serves say incineration is the best way to deal with waste that can’t be recycled. But opponents do not believe that a case has been made for the massive expansion proposed.

Plans were originally developed in 2013-15, receiving government endorsement in 2017.  But waste has not been increasing, and changes in Government policy, business practice and individual behaviour could lead to further reductions. The London Mayor’s office now predicts a surplus in incineration capacity. 

Many local community and environmental groups are calling for the declaration of a pause rather than a decision on 16 December, along with campaigners and officials in other boroughs involved.

Islington’s representatives on the NLWA, backing this polluting plan, are Councillors Rowena Champion and Satnam Gill. 

Please URGENTLY write to them (rowena.champion@islington.gov.uk; satnam.gill@islington.gov.uk) in the next few days, telling them you oppose this plan. Ask them to support a pause, and an expert review of more recent evidence and options. Copy in your own councillors too (listed at https://democracy.islington.gov.uk/mgmemberindex.aspx)

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