Arsenal FC's plans to double the number of music concerts

In February 2013 Arsenal FC submitted a planning application to significantly increase the number of music concerts taking place at the Emirates Stadium. If the plans are approved, at least 360,000 people will be descending on Highbury from 2014 over six evenings to see loud music concerts lasting until late into the night

The HCA has responded to Islington Council's consultation on Arsenal's plans.You can read a copy of our letter here

Coldplay performed to a total of 180,000 people during three concerts at the Emirates Stadium in 2012

These concerts take place during the football close season, when many residents are in their gardens enjoying the summer weather. Experience from previous concerts shows the increased noise and amount of people visiting our neighbourhood to see the concerts is distressing to many residents. The amount of people leaving the area late at night can lead tosignificant congestion on public transport and roads. These concerts also usually take place at night meaning very loud noise lasts late into the evening

The HCA has joined with other local groups to oppose the application to increase the number of concerts. We believe residents should be able to take advantage of the peace and quiet during the football close season and shouldn't be subjected to the inconvenience and distress these additional concerts will cause

Please sign this online petition to register your opposition to these plans

In late February 2013 Islington Council leafletted all the homes that will be affected by the proposal to increase the number of concerts as part of the planning application consultation. A copy of the leaflet is available here. You can respond directly to Islington Council by emailing

There are some really useful instructions and tips on how to get in touch with your local councillor at The HCA is not responsible for the content of this site

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